A Happy Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect…
It Has To Be Balanced. Aim For Perfect Health!

Equilibrium is a stable situation where opposing forces cancel each other out and where no changes are occurring.

Balance is stability found at the center of acceptance. It’s not the same as perfection. Balance is a state of equilibrium.

A white egg balanced on 2 forks

Our health is the most important factor in living a happy and balanced life. Yet, there are a lot of “healthy” trends that are very unhealthy. People follow these popular diets, decline little joys in their lives because these joys are “unhealthy”, spend hours working out in a gym just because they know they need to exercise to stay healthy… but don’t reach their desired results, often gaining more health problems than before they set their goals to improve their health.

Does this sound familiar? Why does this happen?

Because people are forcing themselves to do something that is not enjoyable and not natural either for their body or for a human body in general.

Even if you improved your physical health by doing what you don’t enjoy doing, you probably worsened your mental health. Are these several years that you gained with your efforts worth living if you spent the equal time of your life on the things and activities which don’t make you happy?

No diet should exclude completely any ingredients unless it’s prescribed by your doctor who tested you for allergy, intolerance, and other issues that these ingredients trigger in your body. Your diet must be balanced: not only it has to include all nutrients in reasonable amounts, but it must also include your favorites. If your favorites are considered “unhealthy”, include them every now and then in small amounts – they are still healthy for your mental and even physical health because they promote the release of “happy brain chemicals”.Balanced fruit pyramid with a little cake on top

Unfortunately, all the “exclusion” diets are very popular nowadays. But we all know that illnesses like depression and anxiety are skyrocketing as well.

Yes, an active lifestyle is essential for your health. If you don’t like to spend hours sweating in a gym – don’t! Try something different: dance, hike, ride a bicycle, swim. Don’t mentally deny these activities before you even tried them. Find a good company and go for it. If afterward, you felt like you didn’t enjoy your time, try something different. The main thing is to be active – you’ll find the way that makes YOU happy.

A woman is drinking wine and eating oysters on a beach while taking her sunbathYes, vitamins and minerals are needed for our health. Unfortunately, people get obsessed with all the supplements available these days. Taking supplements is most often a waste of money because only about 10% of the volume gets absorbed by your body systems – the rest goes straight to the toilet. So, before supplementing your vitamins in a pill form, try to get them naturally. Do take supplements when there is no natural way to get your vitamins, but remember that you usually get very little of them where they need to go in your system.
If you must take supplements after exhausting your natural sources, 10xPure™ Ultimate Multivitamins is your best bet for better absorption and higher bioavailability. In the end, you’ll get more value for your money.CTFO 10xPure Multivitamins and Super7

Keeping your career, family, and leisure time in balance is a key factor for your health. Wealth means nothing without good health. Find your center of acceptance and set your priorities!

Please tell us below what a balanced lifestyle means to you and how you keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

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