Over 80 CBD and non-CBD Products

CTFO Excellence for Consumers

High-Quality CTFO Products: GMP Certified, Made in the USA, Organically grown, Cruelty-Free, 60-day money-back guarantee

Top-Grade Quality

  • Third-party Laboratory testing reports are available on the website under “Documentation” to all visitors. 

  • All CTFO products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities. This means that they’re regulated by the FDA to ensure that the content matches the label. 

  • Cannabinoids used by CTFO in their products derived from Industrial Hemp organically grown and processed in the United States

  • CTFO offers a 60-day, empty container, money-back guarantee to prove their confidence in the highest quality of their products and purity of the constituents.
CTFO Variety: Over 80 products

Variety: Over 80 products and counting…

  • CBD Isolate oil drops (pure CBD extract, 0% THC); available in two strengths

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil drops (less than 0.3% THC)

  • 10xPure™ Full Spectrum CBD oil drops (hydrophilic, rich in CBDa, less than 0.3% THC)

  • 10xPure™ Roll-On, Muscle & Joint Relief

  • 10xPure™ Ultimate Multi-Vitamins

  • CBD pain relief creams

  • CBD Oral Sprays formulated for specific wellness issues: pain relief, sleep support, energy boost, anti-stress and relaxation, weight loss

  • CBD capsules

  • CBD gummies

  • CBD Pet Products: oral spray, chew treats, conditioning shampoo

  • CBD skincare products: cleanser, toner, moisturizers, facial mask, anti-aging creams, instant wrinkle remover, sun care creams, and more.

  • CBD Massage Oil

  • CBD Bath Bombs

  • CBD Hair Growth System with AnaGain

  • Non-CBD ExtremeShake with Sensoril® Ashwagandha Keto-Friendly formula

  • Non-CBD KetoCreamer

  • Non-CBD Health and Nutrition for weight loss

  • Non-CBD skincare 

CBDa in 10xPure


  • 10xPure™ hydrophilic Full Spectrum 500mg and 1500mg CBD oil drops enriched in CBDa

  • 10xPure™ Gold Super 1000 – hydrophilic full spectrum CBD/CBDa oil drops specifically formulated for extra strength pain and inflammation relief.

  • 10xPure™ Ultimate Multi-Vitamins

  • 10xPure™ Roll-On, Muscle & Joint Relief

Watch Dr. Steven Trobiani, Board Certified Neurologist explaining CBDa role in Pain Relief and why 10x Pure Gold Super 1000 is the best product on the market:


  • Customers, who prefer to stay anonymous and shop with a guest account are offered Retail Prices, which are affordable and competitive on the market. 

  • Customers who create their own account (“Preferred Customers”) and all associates take advantage of deeply discounted “wholesale” prices. The wholesale prices average 30% below the Retail prices.

  • All new members get an additional 10% discount to already low wholesale prices on all products they purchase within their first 10 days, starting on the enrollment date

  • Preferred Customers and Associates who choose to order on auto-ship, receive an additional 5% discount.

  • Many products are available in packages or sets of 3, which reduces the price of an individual product even further.


If you have any questions, please leave them in the ‘Comments’ field below or email me: julia@utmostcbd.com

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20 Responses

  1. How in this world have I not heard about CTFO and the many products that they offer? I am happy to see this right now and I think that it’ll be a very good idea for me to grab one of their products. I am happy that the cannabidiol has been tested and trusted and the THC levels are not high either in their products. I use full-spectrum and I will definitely try this company’s products out. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello Henderson,

      This company is amazing! I highly recommend its products and also suggest to register as an Associate rather than “Preferred customer” because if you fall in love with their products like I did, you’d be able to earn some commissions from suggesting these products to people you care about. Preferred Customers get discounted prices, but they don’t earn any commissions. Either way, registration is free and no sensitive information is asked (unless you are ordering a product)

      All the best to you,

      ~ Julia

  2. I like that CTFO offers a 60-day, empty container, money-back guarantee. This is a good sign right away. With 75 products and counting, CTFO sounds like a very versatile product supplier.

    CBD is really popular these days and with good reason, as I feel it is safer than a lot of the prescription medications out there. It definitely sounds worth it to become a preferred customer and associate given such a tremendous discount.

    I will definitely follow your link here to look further into this product and I thank you for a great recommendation!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback. You’re absolutely right: 60 days money-back is a great opportunity to really try and see if a chosen product works for you. The free samples that some other companies offer are not good enough: samples are offered in small amounts. They do not serve the need. The CBD oil, for example, needs to be used daily for a month+ in order to truly see the impact.

      Full-spectrum CBD is wonderful natural remedy for many ailments and for their prevention. The only problem with it is that there are many dishonest producers and many fake products. Consumers can review lab test results and be assured of purity and high quality of CBD products from CTFO.

      I highly recommend CTFO products and for those who need extra income, their no fees no obligations and therefore risk-free online business opportunity.

      All the best,

      ~ Julia

  3. Wow! CTFO is really massive and I have heard quite a lot of positive things about them but I never imagined it to be quite this massive. Getting quality CBD product these days has become a hard task but seeing the array of products they sell, it seems they are very legit and they have a wider range of product to suit virtually anyone in need of CBD product. Wow! Thumbs up.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, CTFO is working tirelessly to improve customers’ experience and offers most of the in-demand products. At the same time, the company is striving to be compliant and not present even a hint of danger to its customers. Therefore, in light of the recent misfortunes with vaping, even though it was not CBD that caused the problem, CTFO regretfully announced that they are going to discontinue vape products at the end of the September. 

      Take care,

      ~ Julia

  4. Your site looks better and organized properly. You did a good job. Hope that your site works successfully. Good Luck!

  5. I have heard a lot about the numerous benefits of CBD oil and I must commend it’s one of the most effective products I have seen so far in the market, which is completely void of side effects and it’s quite affordable for anyone who wants to use it. I have tried some other products and it’s given me more reasons to love CBD products. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Chloe,

      I am glad that you are familiar with the health benefits of cannabidiol. Please be careful when buying CBD products online or in the stores – there are too many fake products, which can be at least not proper to the price you pay, or in the worst case, be even dangerous due to containing poisonous substances. It has been reported that about 85% of CBD products on the market are not true to their label. Among the companies offering top-grade products, CTFO “Preferred” prices are the lowest.

      All the best,

      ~ Julia

  6. This is true excellence for customers. I have a friend who works for CTFO and he hasn’t had a reason to regret it because the products are good and high on demand. This is something that happens when customers are satisfied with a company’s product. I am happy that they have so many products that one can choose from. Thank you for sharing these facts.

    • Hello John,

      Your friend is probably an independent associate with CTFO. 🙂 Of course (s)he has nothing to regret at all. If your friend is focused and hard-working, (s)he’ll be earning good residual income soon. Why are you missing the boat? Join him or her – CTFO is for everyone and it’s free to enroll! Check out the Income Opportunity page

      Thank you for your comment. 


      ~ Julia

  7. I like the fact that all CBD products of CTFO are organically realized and as such, it presents a better offer for money rather than the usual ones who just want to make a greedy profit. I also like the wide range of the products they offer. To be honest, one cannot get any better offer than that available in the market right now and as such, I found them very credible. Huge product line for a company.

  8. I took a look at the site about CTFO health supplements. It is right organized and everything goes in properly way. Hope that their site goes well successfully. Is that site working well for the customers who interest to buy more? Are those supplements approved by the FDA? Do any customers have any experiences using them?

    • Dear Carolyn,

      Supplements are not controlled by the FDA in general. However, products manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities are regulated by the FDA to ensure that what’s on their labels is actually what’s in the bottle or jar. Consumers must be very careful when deciding which brand to buy – there are too many bogus CBD products on the market today. CTFO is GMP certified and also their CBD products are tested by independent laboratories and available online for all consumers.

      I personally used about 10 different products from CTFO selection, and can’t imagine now how I lived before I found them 🙂 Well, actually, I got health issues only about 2 years ago, and soon after I discovered CTFO full-spectrum CBD oils. The oil eliminated all my symptoms and brought my life back to the quality I was used to before I got sick. I especially love 10xPure line and use it daily.

      In addition, for occasional muscle and joints pain, I use topically Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil and150mg CBD.

      My Labrador Retriever is on CBD oil since December 2018 for her arthritis. I use human drops for Parkie because she is a big girl and doesn’t mind peppermint flavor at all, but CTFO offers pet products as well. Parkie is now 15 years and 4 months old and still goes outside on her own. Other than arthritis, she is still pretty healthy and has great appetite. Out of curiosity, google life span for labrador retrievers pure breed. 🙂 

      I switched all my skincare products to CTFO brand.

      I find that this company is truly excellent for its customers. And the fact that an unsatisfied customer can return an empty container within 60 days and receive a refund for the product price is an amazing assurance to try new items. 

      CTFO offers an additional 5% discount for customers using auto-ship. Besides, there is a free income opportunity (please see the details here), which allows further offset the price of own purchases by suggesting CTFO products to others or earn an essential income if one decides to put time and effort into developing this free business opportunity into a lucrative home-based income.

      I highly recommend CTFO products to all who have aches or suffer from severe pain and inflammation. The 10xPure Gold Super 1000 is formulated specifically for extra pain relief with high amounts of CBDa, and it’s exclusive to CTFO.

      Be well,

      ~ Julia

  9. It appears you are promoting a quality product. The science behind the development sounds impressive. I took the liberty and checked out the CTFO site. I am a bit of a skeptic, but that is mainly due to my lack of knowledge. Your article, as well as the CTFO site, have given me a better understanding of the products available and their potential health benefits. Is it the general concession that pure CBD oil is the cure for all ailments?

    • Dear Rose,

      I love skeptics!!! 🙂 I am one myself.  But I’ve taken time to learn, which resulted in this detailed article that explains how CBD and other cannabinoids work… and I wasn’t afraid to try the products on myself. There is one FDA-approved CBD-based medication called Epidiolex for two rare types of seizures. It’s prescribed by Medical Doctors to children from 2 years old and up in much higher doses than what we have in the supplements.  So, I figured that if little children can use this medication, there must no danger to try CBD oil as a supplement as long as I could be sure in its purity, and I was. Also, CTFO offers 60-days money-back guarantee, empty bottle – no risk to lose money either. 

      CTFO full-spectrum CBD oil saved me the quality of life when I got sick. I use a lot of these products now – check out my response to Carolyn’s comment. 

      It does sound like a panacea, I agree. However, it actually doesn’t cure anything at all. We and other mammals have a built-in endocannabinoid system in our body. CBD and other cannabinoids signal our endocannabinoid system to restore homeostasis, and our body heals itself. It does happen sometimes that you are targeting one issue, but something else gets “fixed”. My husband was treating pain in his knees, which did go away, but he also noticed that for the first time during the last 27 years he had no allergies during the spring and summer (over 6 months!)

      Be well,

      ~ Julia

      • Thank you, Julia, for answering my question. Your answer makes sense. I didn’t realize the assistance the products can give to the body to heal. I appreciate the additional information. I will continue to do more research; thank you once again for your expertise, and helping me get the process started.

        • It’s my pleasure, Rose!
          Lots of pharmaceuticals drugs treat isolated symptoms by putting our biological systems in chemical disbalance. Endocannabinoid system is bringing our other systems back in dynamic balance when something is distorted.
          I hope you’d seriously consider CBD oil when a traditional medication causes undesirable side effects, or when it doesn’t work at all.
          ~ Julia

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